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'); })(); keep 是英语中用法灵活的动词之一,下面小编就为大家详细介绍下keep的用法说明,希望对大家有用。?  keep的用法说明如下:?  一、用作系动词,意为“保持(某种状态)”,其后常接形容词作表语。如:?  Please keep quiet / silent! 请保持安静!?  After the accident, he still kept alive. 这次事故之后,他仍然活着。?  二、用作实义动词,可表示:?  1. 保管;保存;保留。如:?  Keep the change. 零钱不用找了。?  Please keep these things for me while I am away. 在我离开期间,请你替我保管这些东西。?  2. 赡养;饲养。如:?  Does he earn enough to keep himself and his family? 他的收入够养活他自己和他的家人吗??  I used to keep sheep in my childhood. 我在孩提时常常养羊。?  3. 经营。如:?  Her father kept a grocer's shop for a number of years. 她父亲开了几年杂货店。?  4. 坚持;继续。后面如接动词,要用 V-ing 形式作宾语。如:?  If you keep (on) practising your spoken English, you'll soon make great progress. 如果你坚持练习英语口语,你很快就会取得很大的进步。?  5. 阻止;阻碍。常用于 keep sb/sth from doing sth 结构中,其中介词 from 不能省略。如:?  The heavy rain didn't keep them from watching the football match. 大雨没能阻止他们观看足球赛。?  6. 保持。其后常接复合宾语,表示使(某人或某物)保持某种状态或使某一动作继续。?  ① keep + sb/sth + 介词。如:?  If your hands are cold, keep them in your pockets.?  如果你觉得手冷,就把它们放在口袋里。?  ② keep + sb/sth + 形容词。如:?  These gloves will keep your hands warm.?  这种手套保暖好。?  ③ keep +sb/sth + 副词。如:?  The cold weather kept us indoors.?  寒冷的天气使我们呆在家里。?  ④ keep + sb/sth + V-ing 形式,表示“让某人 / 某物一直……”,强调动作的持续性。如:?  I'm sorry I've kept you waiting.?  很抱歉,让你久等了。?  ⑤ keep + sb/sth + V-ed 形式,表示“让某人 / 某物一直被……”,宾语是 V-ed 形式,表示的动作的承受者。如:?  She kept her eyes shut and stayed where she was.?  她紧闭双眼,呆在原地未动。?  7. 构成的其它动词短语有:?  keep a record (保持记录), keep apart (把……分开), keep back one's tears (忍住眼泪), keep in touch (with) (保持与……的联系), keep out (of) (把……关在外面), keep up (保持;使……不能入睡), keep one's / an eye on (照管,密切注视), keep away (from) (离开;不接近;戒除), keep in mind (牢记), keep one's word (遵守诺言), keep pace/step with (跟上……的步伐), keep up with (与……同步;跟上)等。?  keep是要求学生必须掌握的四会词之一,现将其常见用法归纳小结如下,以利于大家正确地使用该词。 ?   一、用作及物动词 ?   1. 意为"保存;保留;保持;保守"。如: ? ?  Could you keep these letters for me, please? 你能替我保存这些信吗? ?   I'll keep a seat for you.我给你留个座位。 ?   It can help to keep vegetables, fruit and meat for a long time in hot summer. 在炎热的夏天,它有助于蔬菜、水果和肉类长时间保鲜。 ?   Can you keep a secret? 你能保守秘密吗? ?   2. 意为"照顾;养活"等。如: ?   She kept her sister for a week while her sister was ill.她妹妹有病时,她照看她了一个星期。 ?   I have a family to keep.我得养活一家人。 ?   3. 意为"留下;不必还"。如: ?   You can keep the pen if you like it.你要是喜欢就把钢笔留下吧。 ?   Keep the change.不用找零钱了。 ?   4. 意为"遵守;维护"。如: ?   Everyone must keep the rules. 人人必须遵守规章制度。 ?   The teacher is keeping order in class.老师正在课堂上维持秩序。 ?   5. 意为"售;卖"。如: ?   The shop keeps everything you need.那家商店里出售的东西应有尽有。 ?   He keeps everything you will drink.他出售你想喝的各种饮料。 ?   6. 意为"记(日记、帐等)"。如: ?   She keeps a diary every day.她坚持每天记日记。 ?   He keeps exact accounts of the money he spends and a diary of the events of his holidays.他详细地记载他所花的钱数和假期中所发生的事情。 ?   7. 意为"使……保持某种(状态、位置或动作等)"。这时要在keep的宾语后接补足语,构成复合宾语。其中宾语补足语通常由形容词、副词、介词短语、现在分词和过去分词等充当。如: ?   We should keep our classroom clean and tidy.(形容词)我们应保持教室整洁干净。 ?   You'd better keep the child away from the fire.(副词)你最好让孩子离火远一点。 ?   The bad weather keeps us inside the house.(介词短语)坏天气使我们不能出门。 ?   Don't keep me waiting for long.(现在分词)别让我等太久。 ?   The other students in the class keep their eyes closed.(过去分词)班上其他同学都闭着眼睛。 ?   二、用作连系动词 ?   构成系表结构:keep+表语,意为"保持,继续(处于某种状态)"。其中表语可用形容词、副词、介词短语等充当。如: ?   You must look after yourself and keep healthy.(形容词)你必须照顾好自己,保持身体健康。 ?   Keep off the grass.(副词)请勿践踏草地。 ?   Traffic in Britain keeps to the left.(介词短语)英国的交通是靠左边行驶的。 ?   注意:一般情况下,keep后接形容词较为多见。再如: ?   She knew she must keep calm.她知道她必须保持镇静。 ?   Please keep silent in class.课堂上请保持安静。 ?   三、与介词或副词搭配,构成动词短语 ?   1.keep away意为"(使)离开;(使)不接近",其后常接介词from。如: ?   Would you keep your dog away from my boy, please? 请把狗拉得离我孩子远点好吗? ?   Keep everybody away from the accident.人人远离事故! ?   2.keep back意为"阻止;留在后面"。如: ?   She sat down quietly, but she couldn't keep ? ?  back her tears.她静静地坐下来,却忍不住流下了眼泪。 ?   3.keep together意为"在一起;动作协调"。如: ?   Keep together, please.请聚在一起。 ?   The eight men kept together during the boat race as though they were one.赛船时,这8个人动作协调,好像一个人似的。 ?   4.keep up意为"持续;使不低落"。如: ?   The noise kept up all night.噪音整夜持续着。 ?   To keep your strength up, eat well and get enough sleep.为了保持力气,要吃好、睡足。 ?   5.keep up with意为"跟上;和……来往"。如: ?   I'm trying my best to keep up with the others in class.我正在设法赶上班里的其他人。 ?   Do you still keep up with Tom? 你和汤姆还有联系吗? ?   6.keep...in mind意为"把……记在心里"。如: ?   The teacher asked us to keep these sentences in mind.老师要我们把这些句子记在心里。 ?   四、含keep的常用句型 ?   1.keep doing sth. 意为"继续干某事",表示不间断地持续干某事,keep后不能接不定式或表示静止状态的v-ing形式,而必须接延续性的动词。如: ?   He kept working all day, because he wanted to finish the work on time.他整天都在不停地工作,因为他想准时完成工作。 ?   Keep passing the ball to each other, and you'll be OK.坚持互相传球,你们就行。 ?   2.keep on doing sth. 意为"持续做某事"。如: ?   The pupil kept on asking me the same question.这个学生不断地问我同一个问题。 ?   I kept on thinking about the match in the afternoon.我总是想起下午的那场比赛。 ?   3. keep...from doing sth.意为"阻止/防止……做某事"。如: ?   The heavy snow kept us from going out.大雪使我们不能出去。

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